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Administrative Setup in District Sikar

The District Collector is the head of District administration. There is one Additional District Magistrate who helps Collector in discharging Administrative duties .

Sub Divisions

Six Sub Divisional Officers (SDOs) work at the sub division to provide administrative support at the local level. Sikar district has Six sub-divisions which are :


There are Six tehsil headquarters and one additional Tehsil and two sub Tehsil in this district. Each one has a Tehsildar/Nayab Tehsildar as the administrative officer, who works in accordance with the land-record system to serve rural farmers and land-holders. The tehsils of the district are :
Additional Tehsil

Sub Tehsil

A tehsil contains a number of "Patwar-Mandals", each of which has a 'Patwari' to serve the landholders and farmers at the village level.

Zila Parishad

Zila Parishad is an apex elected body which looks after and monitors the development works at the district level. Zila Pramukh is the head of the body. Chief Executive Officer and Additional Chief Executive Officer helps Zila Pramukh in Managing development works.

Blocks (Panchayat Samitis )

Sikar district is divided into 8 blocks (Panchayat Samitis) which are the developmental units. Each block has a BDO (Block Development Officer) who takes care of all development work at Block level.

Various development works and projects at the rural level (Gram Panchayat Level ) are run through Block offices. One Gram Sevak is appointed at each Gram Panchayat to keep record of the development works and to project required development works. "Gram Sabha" is organized on fixed intervals to discuss about development of villages.